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Well this is just crazy!!!

I don’t really have a green thumb, but apparently once you put a whole lot of effort into building raised beds and hauling really, really awesome dirt from really far away in your yard (trip, after trip, after trip) you can be a rather negligent gardener and then still reap the benefits for a good portion of the summer.  I do try to plant things my family likes, green beans, corn, broccoli, basil etc.  I also plant things I like and will eat daily or will can like pickles and tomatoes.  But then I get suckered into planting things like squash and zucchini (which I like drizzled with olive oil and grilled) which my family just tolerates and unfortunately, those plants tend to be the things that I am shockingly most successful at growing (see above picture for proof).  Hence my quest for the ultimate zucchini bread recipe.  Stay tuned for that recipe, plus bread and butter pickles, a pesto straight from the Ligurian coast (via my backyard) and an awesome go-to dip that will take you from summer barbeques to football tailgates and beyond! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Well this is just crazy!!!

  1. Zucchinis grow so easily, and so few children like them! Why do you think so many recipes exist for hiding them in cakes and breads? My friend makes a great zucchini relish recipe which uses quite a few of them.

    • borngrace on said:

      I love grilled zucchini brushed with just olive oil and sea salt, but you are right – not a huge hit with any other member of my family. I think it is a texture thing. Too mushy for most kids, but all that moisture works so well in sweet breads and cakes. What is a zucchini relish used on/with?

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