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Feeling Pinky

Well, it started with my 7 year old wanting a “dog party”.  Which is fine, except I’ve already done a dog party.  Not as much fun FOR  ME :-).  Thankfully, as we browse the pages of Birthday Express, she decides that a pink poodle pajama party (ok I added the pajama part – I’ve done a regular party) is really the way she wants to go.  And it’s not that she isn’t a cuddly kid that wouldn’t love a regular dog.  But she is kind of a “jazz hands” type of girl and she needs a little pizazz with her parties.  She has also requested that I pronounce fondant the way The Cake Boss” does.  So it’s not just me with the issues 🙂  Thank god for Pinterest. Can you say INSPIRATION???  I have a whole little board full of ideas, some I’ve stolen from my Valentine’s board because hey, pink is pink.  And thankfully, most of the people invited to the party haven’t heard of Pinterest yet and I can get all the credit for not only execution, but the imagination too!

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