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A theme a theme. My country for a theme

I’m pretty much all about the theme.  I learned it from my mother.  You don’t just clean your house before a party.  You change all the light bulbs from 100w to 25w because it really is all about creating the illusion.  And with a theme it just looks like you are so much more pulled together than you necessarily are. When you have twins born the day before Halloween, I figure you have a built in theme every year.  So, whatever they chose to be for Halloween – poof we had a cake.  This year was one of my personal favorites.  They were supposed to be Grumpy and Happy from the Seven Dwarfs (I was the magic mirror – and I felt I was going to be seriously cool 🙂

Happy to be a pumpkin!

But then Eleanor derailed me and decided to be a pumpkin.  I don’t know why.  I’m not sure she felt a need to justify her reasoning to me.  Threw my theme for a loop.  But then it made me feel like a good mother when I let her out of the theme obligation and into the cutest pumpkin costume ever!  I feel like this birthday was well in advance of my experiments with fondant (therefore I cannot guarantee that the stem and leaves are not in fact play doh – actually looking carefully, that is definitely a play doh rolling pin to the right :-)).  It was also the first time I tried free hand drawing of a character.  I still love it!

Only downer of the whole event was that everyone kept telling Grace what a cute Santa Claus she was!  Hello . . . her hat SAYS GRUMPY!  She will actually get quite up in arms about the whole things still today.






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