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Perfectly Smooth Icing Tutorial

Perfectly Frosted Buttercream!!

Upside Down Icing Technique for Perfectly Smooth Icing Tutorial on Cake Central on

So, I haven’t tried this.  But I saw it on and thought hey. . . that’s an idea!  I am more than a little concerned about the FLIP.  But there is something oh so appealing about a perfectly smooth buttercream cake that makes me want to give it a go.  Especially since I have now seen two separate tutorials in the last 2 days about how to go about it.

The first one that I saw involved  VIVA paper towels and I just have a sinking suspicion that I would end up licking an awful lot of stuck buttercream off of a paper towel, and still have a crappy looking cake at the end of the day.

What does make me feel hopeful is that both methods involve a very hot spatula of some sort and I think I may be able to distill all the techniques down to that one simple element.

So, I’ll give it a go.  You give it a go.  And let’s meet back here to compare notes!





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